Load Alert FAQ

Load Alert FAQ

Load_Alert - FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is it?
“Load_Alert” is an In-House messaging system that utilises SMS (Short Message Service over the Mobile Network) to transmit a text message from the Vic Mix Shipping System (calibre) to one or more mobile phones registered by our Customer.
The intention is to improve efficiency of our Plants by reducing call volumes and also saving the Customer money & time when following up on details of expected concrete deliveries.

Who is entitled to register for the Service?
Existing & new Customers that have an open, Trading Account with us.

How much does it cost?
It is essentially FREE to the recipient. Of course, if you choose to respond, or STOP the service via SMS, then a small charge from your Mobile Service Provider will be incurred by you.

How does it work?
Each time a load of concrete is “shipped” by our system, a message is generated and dispatched via an SMS Gateway (Soprano/Redcoal) to your mobile phone. “Shipping” is not the same as “Loading”. Shipping is the process of collecting and organising all information and materials in order to “load” the delivery vehicle. For this reason, the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is best endeavour based on the following formula. ETA = Ship Date/Time + relative Plant Typical Load Time (mins) + Mixing & Slump Time (mins) + Estimated Travel Time (mins).

What information will I receive?
Key information relating to the load. Here is an example with brief explanation for each line of data:

Why did I receive a message stating my load is “cancelled”?
Vehicles are typically “Loaded” within 15 minutes of being Shipped, but from time to time a last minute change or error may require us to cancel and re-ship the load. If this happens, the system will generate a “cancelled” message. When the load is “Shipped” anew, a fresh SMS is despatched. This process is necessary to ensure the information sent is always accurate.

How do I register?
Registration is easy. Either:

  1. Email us at: loadalert@vicmix.com.au with your Name and Mobile Number; or
  2. Call us on: 03 8792 3150 and we can set you up over the phone

How do I STOP the service?
Simply reply: “STOP” to the message you received, or give us a call on: 03 8792 3150

What if I change Mobile Number?
Please email us at: loadalert@vicmix.com.au 

What if I close my Trading Account?
A message can only be sent from a Customer’s Order when a load of concrete is “Shipped”. If the Trading Account is closed, messages cannot occur.

Why am I not getting messages?
Successful message transmission relies on 5 key components: 1.Correct information, 2.Vic Mix In-house Software, 3.SMS Gateway Provider, 4.Your Mobile Network Provider, and 5.Your mobile phone.

  1. Correct Information

    The most common problems are due to some type of human error. Did you give us the right Mobile number? Did we register it correctly and was it assigned to the correct Customer, Project, or Order?

  2. Vic Mix In-house Software

    Vic Mix has developed its own Software that leverages off “Calibre Concrete” (automated Order/Delivery Shipping Software) to collate Customer & Order information to generate messages that are sent from our Servers to an SMS Gateway for transmission to the Mobile Network. We will use best effort to keep these systems operating 24/7, but cannot guarantee 100% up-time. Our primary function is to produce “the best” concrete, not “the best” software programs.

  3. SMS Gateway Provider

    Vic Mix has entrusted Soprano(Redcoal) with all our SMS Mobile Interactions. They handle over 6 billion mission critical messages per year from over 4.5 million users around the world.  Their products are used actively by global top-100 companies, leading financial institutions, and large government agencies in four major world regions. They notify us of any service disruptions and they are usually scheduled outside normal working hours.

  4. Your Mobile Network Provider

    Your Provider must have an active service and you must be located within its coverage area. Vic Mix cannot assist with resolving issues stemming from your Provider.

  5. Your Mobile Phone
Your Mobile Phone handset is the last essential element for successful receipt of messages. Please be aware there are differences between “SMS”, “MMS”, & “iMessage”. Settings on your phone or an issue with Software Version may be causing the problem. Vic Mix cannot assist with resolving issues stemming from your Mobile Phone.

So, there are many reasons for message failure and sometimes we may not be able to resolve the problem for you. There may be nothing more we can do.


Vic Mix “Load_Alert” Terms & Conditions

  • The sending of SMS messages is provided by Vic Mix to its Customers FREE of charge. We are not responsible for any charges generated by Customers in responding to the service via SMS, or otherwise.
  • We reserve the right to determine which Customers qualify for the service and may withdraw the service at any time and without notice.
  • We will employ best effort to ensure Mobile Numbers are correctly registered in our system, but the scale of the system and other factors could lead to a situation where someone else receives your message. If such a situation occurs, we will endeavour to correct the problem as soon as we are made aware of it. However, we will not be liable for claims or losses resulting from messages sent to unintended recipients.