Decorative Stone Shortage

Decorative Stone Shortage

As as 2023, March...

The situation regarding shortage of decorative aggregates across the industry continues... 

Ongoing high demand in the construction industry following the covid pandemic continues to outstrip availability of some materials - river pebbles and quartz based (white or light coloured) stones being the most heavily impacted. We are doing everything possible to mitigate these issues and ensure that our product choice restrictions are limited as much as possible, but feel compelled to warn our Customers that concrete products produced from light coloured stones will be an ongoing issue for some time to come.

We kindly ask for your patience and understanding during this difficult time. Our team is working to secure the materials you need and to find alternate sources of suitable materials, but competition for limited materials is fierce. We are doing everything within our power, but some of our exposed and polished range of concrete products may not be available when you are ready to place your order.

We strongly advise you to provide us with at least two weeks notice and allow for an alternative/backup choice in the event that the first choice is not available. We also encourage customers to make their concrete mix decisions as early as possible. Be aware, the nature of material shortage is dynamic and a second visit to our showrooms may be required in the event you are forced to choose an alternative concrete mix product.

Also, please appreciate that each Vic Mix Plant has its own independent stocks of materials. At any point in time, some products might be available at one plant, but not others. We will do our best to supply your project from a stocked Plant, but logistics limitation may mean this is not always possible, and again we ask for your patience and understanding.

Decorative Stone Shortage
The dynamic nature of stock management means it is difficult for us to always know in advance if large projects requirements can be met, or keep our website up to date with the very latest in product availability. Please ensure you visit one of our Showrooms or contact us to avoid disappointment.

We are hopeful for improvements in the current situation and apologise for any inconvenience you may experience.