Need a list of reputable Contractors to place your concrete? Then contact us on: 03 8792 3100 or drop us an email at: We can supply you with contact numbers for Concrete placers, grinders, sand blasters and other useful trades to help you get the best possible finish on your project.

Another resource we can offer you is access to a database containing addresses for finished projects. Simply tell us which products you are interested in, along with your suburb, and we will endeavor to provide you with a list of finished projects for you to go and visit.

VIC MIX will do it’s best to supply this information subject to the following conditions:

  1. We endeavour to record accurate addresses of projects we supply, but we do not have the resources to check these details, visit the jobs, or screen the good projects from the not so good. Additionally, the finished job may not be visible from the street as it may be a pool surround or other structure located in the rear of the property or within a private structure.
  2. The majority of addresses are private residences and it is important to respect the privacy of these people. We ask that you view the concrete from the street and do not impose upon the people living there.
  3. This service can only continue to be provided whilst people comply with these rules and are prepared to accept that some visits may be a waste of time because the job is simply not able to be viewed from the street.