Decorative Concrete is a world where concrete comes to life. This can be shown through different forms such as exposed aggregate, polished concrete, coloured concrete, blasted concrete etc. These types of decorative show the true beauty of pre-mix concrete.

Coloured Concrete

“Coloured Concrete” is done using a pigment. The most common pigments are dry powders, however liquids are also used. Fresh concrete is coloured in two ways: INTEGRAL COLOUR: The colourizing pigment is added to the concrete during manufacture. This is the type of colour displayed in this brochure. SURFACE COLOUR: The pigment is added to the surface of fresh concrete only. These pigments often contain hardeners.

Exposed Concrete

“Exposed Aggregate” is a very easy and smart way to add value to your house. After placement of the concrete, the top few millimetres of concrete paste are removed from the surface in order to reveal the stone (called: aggregate) embedded within. A sealer is applied to enhance and protect the finished product.

Polished Concrete

“Polished Concrete” refers to a very popular and durable finish that resembles polished stone. Polished Concrete is a achieved by grinding away the top few millimeters of the surface to reveal the internal matrix. Progressively finer grades of cutting and polishing are undertaken to achieve the final finish.