Special Class

Special Class

Special Class is concrete which is specified to have certain properties or characteristics different from, or additional to, those of Normal Class concrete. Such as Pre -cast panels, Green Star, Permeable Concrete, Low shrink pavements, post tension slabs, high strength 60MPa+ concrete, spray mixes etc.

Special Class requirements are either:

  1. Performance based and may specify a property which can be verified through testing - such as compressive strength of 60MPa @ 28 days;
  2. Prescription based and may specify the mix design by dictating the material types and proportions - such as 280 GP Cement

Performance and Prescription requirements may include such things as: microstrain shrinkage, flexural or tensile strength, early age strength limitation, non-chloride additives, maximum water cement ratios, GP or GB cement types, fibres, mineral oxide pigments, water proofing additives, testing requirements, pumping and placement requirements, etc.

VIC MIX can supply mixes suitable for a broad range of applications requiring Special Class concrete, such as: Pre-cast panels, Green Star concrete, Low shrink pavements, post tensioned slabs, high strength 60MPa+ concrete, spray mixes, stabilised sand, no-fines, tremie mixes, water proofed, fibre concrete, topping mixes, decorative concrete, and the list goes on.

From large complex projects down to small simple ones, VIC MIX can help with the right product.