How much does decorative concrete cost?

How much does decorative concrete cost?

Concrete remains one of the cheapest construction materials in use today. Without it, many well known structures would not be possible or would not be as long lasting with out constant costly maintenance.

Concrete in Australia is sold by volume and the unit of measure is: cubic metres. This is best explained by imaging a open box that is 1 metre long, 1 metre wide and 1 metre tall. Fill it with concrete, and the quantity of concrete represents 1 cubic metre.

The cost of concrete is made up of:
  • The cost of raw materials (The quarrying, crushing, processing of natural materials such as: cement, stone & sand)
  • The cost of transporting raw materials to the concrete plant
  • The cost of handling, weighing, administering, servicing, testing, and transforming the raw materials into concrete
  • The cost of loading, mixing and transporting the concrete to the construction site
  • A profit margin for all businesses involved in the supply chain.

In order to be competitive, Concrete Producers have to constantly seek out the best methods of achieving the above, whilst maintaining quality of product & service; complying with relevant Australian Standards and controls set by government and local authorities.

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