What Colours are available and where do they come from?

What Colours are available and where do they come from?

There are an enormous range of colourising pigments available. Oxide Pigments are non-dissolving, ultrafine particles derived from non-organic minerals. Such powders are used in many different industries to alter and enhance the colour of the products manufactured. For example: ceramics, asphalt, inks, paints, cosmetics, plastics, rubber and concrete to name a few.

Unlike dye colours derived from animal and vegetable sources which have a tendency to fade, mineral oxide pigments are derived from the earth, possess UV resistance and do not fade with the changing environment.

The principal minerals are: haematite (reds), magnetite (brown to black), goethite and lepidocrocite (yellows), cobalt (blue), ilmenite -titanium dioxide (white). The minerals are blended to produce hundreds of subtle variations in perceived colour.

Vic Mix has simplified the vast array of available colours to a basic set of 16.

However, if you have very specific needs, or colour matching is required, we have access to numerous Colour Suppliers capable of producing just the right blend of pigments to satisfy your needs.