2015/08/19 - New B Double Tanker

Vic Mix acquires new 20m long B Double Cement Tanker

Convair Engineering Pty Ltd is commissioned to build  steel 20m B Double Dry Bulk Tanker Assembly.
It is designed to operate with an existing Freightliner Coronado prime mover with an overall length of 20m. Operating with the Freightliner of approx. 8.7t and the tankers of around 12.0t tare, this combination achieves a payload of approx. 42.3t operating at 63.0t gross - that's about 5.5t better than our previous B Double.
The specification includes: Weweller air suspension and K Hitch drum brake axles, aluminium wheels, EBS braking systems, 11R22.5” tyres, Holland Kompensator 5th wheel coupling, AKO pinch type discharge valves, LED lighting, 2 x hosetubes and discharge hoses and a bright pink colour scheme.
They are designed to discharge each tanker independently or to unload the A through the pipework of the B tanker. The B tanker can also discharge to either the front or the rear. This is all controlled by a simple pneumatic switch on a central control panel on the B tanker. This means the operator can discharge the B Double without splitting it up or moving.
New B Double Tanker

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