2016/06/23 - New Prime Mover

2016/06/23 - New Prime Mover

Vic Mix replaces its B Double Tanker Prime Mover with a brand new Freightliner Coronado 114

Vic Mix has chosen to rely on its preferred truck supplier (Whitehorse Trucks) to provide a replacement Prime Mover for its existing B Double Cement Tanker transport operation. The two companies have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship over the last 10 years and Whitehorse understands the needs and demands of the Vic Mix business.

The B Double Cement Tanker is run as a dual shift operation requiring equipment that is reliable and cost effective with minimal downtime. The Freightliner Coronado 114 has proven itself to meet these tuff requirements. For that reason, Vic Mix has once again chose to invest in this make & model of vehicle to haul its tanker configuration.

This new work horse (pictured below), and painted in our highly recognizable "pink", is hard to miss on the open road. It will be relied upon to haul bulk cement products to all of Vic Mix's metropolitan concrete plants. Its predecessor (also a Freightliner Coronado) will be relegated to a less demanding roll, and serve as a back up for when the new Hauler is off road due to maintenance or servicing.

Prime Mover

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