2016/07/11 - Pathway Program

2016/07/11 - Pathway Program

Vic Mix and Transqual find work for the long term unemployed.

Thank you to the Team at Transqual for their professional roll out of the Pathway Program completed in June 2016.

The Pathway Program is an employment scheme to assist long term unemployed individuals into gainful employment. A series of incentives are available to assist Businesses with recruitment, training and employment costs.

Transqual’s initial enthusiasm and efforts are responsible for motivating Vic Mix to participate in the program. They went on to demonstrated the knowledge, experience, and industry relationships, needed to professionally roll out the program and deliver motivated, and desirable, employment candidates for the Vic Mix businesses.

The Program has resulted in Vic Mix offering Driving positions to a number of candidates for its Dandenong based site and it is considering a second round, focusing on finding suitable candidates for its Northern Suburbs site, in the future.

Well done Transqual and special thanks to Michael Langan!

For further information, click here: PathwayProgram.pdf

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