2017/05/22 - Surcharge Notification

Latest news on Vic Mix Concrete Surcharges effective from July 3rd 2017

Click to view Concrete Surcharges List effective from July 3rd 2017.

These charges have been revised to represent the value of extra products and services incurred by Customers under specific conditions. They are a necessary and fair way to ensure Customers pay for the products or services they incur.
In the past, we have not always applied surcharge fees in full. However, this places pressure on general increases in the price of concrete, and implies that the majority of Customers compensate for the minority of Customers that actually incur the extra charges or services.
A stricter application of these charges is a fairer system that will enable us to minimise general increases in the price of our concrete and ensure those Customers that “don’t use services” from the surcharge list, don’t compensate for “those that do” – the result is a fairer “user pays” system.
We wish to thank you for your valued account, and hope that you will continue to support us into the future.