How to Incorporate Concrete In Your Interior Home Design

How to Incorporate Concrete In Your Interior Home Design

If you’re thinking of spicing up your home interior, here are some features in your home in which concrete can elevate the design.

A lot of people encounter concrete out in the world every day without thinking much about it. Maybe because concrete can be found virtually anywhere; you can find residential, commercial, and artistic structures being made out of concrete. But did you know that this durable and widely available construction material has unsurprisingly numerous uses inside your home?

Concrete is a construction material that has stone-like hardness. In its purest form, it is usually found in neutral grey shades which is fine on its own but concrete can also be decorated in a lot of different ways. Because of its versatility, it can bring a lot of rich character to structures, both indoor and outdoor, in all sorts of styles. Concrete can create a beautiful contrast with metals and glass and can surprisingly complement rustic materials such as wood and brick.

If you’re thinking of spicing up your home interior, here are some features in your home in which concrete can elevate the design:


Concrete floors are quick to install compared to tiles and are very durable since it is impermeable to liquid spills and they are pretty hard to dent even with heavy objects hitting or scraping it. Concrete is a popular choice for architectural-minded homes, allowing for a single flooring material running throughout all rooms of a home for a sense of harmony. Aggregate concrete and polished concrete, are just some of the most popular types of concrete flooring.

Accent Wall

One way to use concrete is to create a unique space by using it as an accent wall. Concrete accent walls are becoming increasingly popular in homes since they add visual interest and depth to any room. Coloured concrete is a popular choice for a zesty accent wall that gives a more vibrant atmosphere in a home.

Concrete Furniture

Concrete furniture is another great way to use concrete to design a beautiful space. There are a variety of different types of concrete furniture available on the market today. Some examples are coffee tables, dining tables, chairs, beds, and dressers.


Stone and brick are not the only materials you can use to build a fireplace. For those who prefer a fireplace with a modern twist, concrete is up to the task of handling a lot of heat. However, keep in mind that imperfections such as cracking can occur over time due to heat changes so educate yourself on how to safely use a fireplace concrete. Embracing this type of fireplace adds a lot of unique charm to your home.

Concrete Art

If you want to embellish your home with distinctive artwork, concrete art pieces are a great way to use concrete to create a unique décor that adds an oomph to your home’s interior.

You can create sculptures, or use wet concrete to use as paint for paintings or murals. You can purchase concrete mix from a reliable concrete supplier such as Vicmix if you’re dead set on wanting to create your very own concrete art.


Using concrete as a material to build a kitchen countertop is a great way to modernise the overall look of your home. Plus, they are easy to maintain. Countertops done in concrete are not only going to last for a long time but will also make it possible to change the colour and theme of your kitchen anytime you want to spice up the design of your kitchen. Concrete can easily be stained, sealed, and polished to create the look you’re going for.

Wet Spaces

Tile is usually the first option people think of for protecting walls from moisture in bathrooms. But a concrete wall treatment is another way to waterproof a wall and even give a spa-like sense of serenity. It can be used to cover the four walls of the entire bathroom or just in targeted areas like showers.

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