Interesting Stuff About Coloured Concrete That You Should Know About

Interesting Stuff About Coloured Concrete That You Should Know About

Coloured concrete is a versatile type of concrete as it elevates your home's aesthetic or any building project. Get to know more about this fantastic concrete.

Concrete is a highly versatile construction material, which can be used in a variety of ways. Nowadays, there is a growing trend of using concrete for decorative purposes, and the possibilities are endless. Concrete colouring, for instance, is a great way to enhance the visual appeal of concrete and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Coloured concrete is as versatile and easy to use as conventional concrete, but it comes with an added benefit because it can be coloured to match existing work. It is a material that allows you to add a new dimension to your home or any building project you may have in mind depending on the colours that you select and the designs that you choose.

Benefits of Coloured Concrete


As a mouldable material, concrete provides you with design flexibility that is far greater than that of many other construction materials. What is more, a range of textural finishes is possible so you can achieve almost any effect that you can think of.

Colour Consistency

Coloured concrete offers a vast range of different colours with additional customisation options. Moreover, the dyeing process ensures that every batch produced has the same colour. This process guarantees that your design and concrete use will be consistent, making it look aesthetically pleasing.


Whether you decide to use coloured concrete indoors or outdoors, one of its advantages is that it is fade-resistant and weatherproof. This means that the colours will not fade, no matter how much sunlight or rain it is exposed to. Another benefit is that coloured concrete is permanent, so you will not need to worry about repainting your surfaces. This will save you both time and money in the long run.


Concrete is a very durable material that is sure to last for many years with very little to no maintenance required. Therefore, choosing coloured concrete for your flooring, surfaces or other items, will provide you with a permanent and cost-effective solution that will also add a touch of colour to any space in which it is used.

Different Methods on How to Colour Concrete

Integral Coloring

This technique involves blending the colour with a cement mixture, which means it can only be done during the pouring of fresh concrete and cannot be applied to existing slabs. The process involves adding pigment to the mixture before pouring it. These pigments are available in liquid, granular, and powdered forms. They are usually available in earthy shades. These colours allow for the concrete to blend well with natural surroundings. A concrete pathway with a reddish earthy tone looks more natural in a garden compared to the boring standard grey concrete.

Staining Concrete

Staining is an effective method of achieving a richer and deeper colour for both new and existing concrete surfaces. These stains are acid-based and react chemically with the concrete, which results in a mottled look. The stains commonly used for this purpose are limited to natural colours resembling those found in stones. The stains are UV-stable, which means they won’t fade quickly when exposed to sunlight.


If you’re looking for the most vibrant colour possible, dyes are your best choice. You can branch out from the natural-looking colours and get the lurid ones like deep purple and blue if you want to. You can also create unique patterns and fun graphics. 

To add colour to an existing concrete surface, dyes can be applied using a sprayer, brush, or sponge. These dyes are typically acetone- or water-based stains that mix with water or a solvent. Once applied, the colour soaks into the concrete. By applying multiple layers, you can create a more vibrant surface. Additionally, you can mix multiple colours to achieve a unique result. One downside to dyes is that they are more likely to fade in the sun. However, some dyes are more UV-stable than others, and one can use a sealer to protect the dyed concrete.

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