The Best Types of Decorative Concrete for Your Home

The Best Types of Decorative Concrete for Your Home

If you're considering decorative concrete for your home, it's important to know its various types so you can choose which one is best suited to your tastes.

Have you sifted through the pages of an interior design magazine or watched interior home TV shows and seen the gorgeous concrete floors on a kitchen or patio, of the homes featured by them?

You might wonder what that particular concrete are called… if it even has a name.

Well, those beautiful concretes that you see in TV shows and magazines are called decorative concrete. They are a staple in every interior design feature because of their functionality, low maintenance, and appeal.

Decorative concretes are simply a level up on plain old boring bare concrete. They have colours, patterns, and finishes that embellish the concrete and add an extra oomph to the aesthetic look of a residence or a commercial space. Not only that, decorative concrete can have extra features that make it safe and secure for anyone to use; for example, some have a non-slip texture that is ideal for use around pools or walkways.

If you're considering decorative concrete for your home, it's important to know the various types available and which one is best suited to your tastes and for your specific needs. This article will help you decide on what decorative concrete to choose as we will describe the popular different types that are available in the market. You can even peruse our decorative concrete showroom at our different offices around Victoria (more on this later).

Stamped Concrete

This is imprinted with a variety of patterns and designs with the use of special machinery hence the name stamped concrete. This concrete can be used with various colours and other elements such as tile, wood, or stone. They are incorporated together to create an expensive look and impressive design. This is suitable for indoor and outdoor flooring spaces because of its versatility and slip resistance.

Stained Concrete

Also called coloured concrete, it is a basic grey standard concrete that has been dyed and tinted with multicolour solutions to produce a wide range of colour patterns on concrete. From earth-tone shades to unnatural lurid pigments, stained concrete is versatile enough to use as an aesthetic improvement for concrete walls, pathways, patios, living rooms, and pool decks. Sometimes it is stained to replicate other materials such as wood, marble, or stone.

Polished Concrete

Just like the name suggested, polished concrete is done by adding a high-gloss polished decorative accent on bare concrete using a polish equipment technology. This is ideal for both residential and commercial properties because it eliminates the need for coatings or waxes to keep the surfaces shiny. Furthermore, they are sturdy enough for long-term use and are affordable and easy to lay out. A lot of people opt for this type of decorative concrete because of its classic style.

Engraving Concrete

This type of concrete has patterns, lines, curves, grooves, and designs carved into the surface of existing concrete using engraving equipment. The design can vary from geometric patterns to customised motifs.

Engraved concrete is great for both residential and commercial spaces. If you have an existing plain concrete flooring that you want to upgrade with less cost, have it engraved by a professional.

Honed Concrete

This type of aggregate concrete is sealed with a coating on the surface to produce a matte or full-gloss finish. This type of concrete is ideal for outdoor spaces such as porches, walkways, pool decks, verandas, and driveways because of its heavy-duty and anti-slip characteristics. Another great thing about honed concrete is its aesthetic appearance. The appearance of stones in various shapes and designs makes your space look more sophisticated.

Now that you have an inkling of the different types of decorative concrete, you probably have an idea of what to get for your home. Check out our decorative concrete brochure that showcases all the concrete products we readily supply to our clients.

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